[Blog]17. Oktober 2018

OK, leaving the comfort zone means also to me: learning and practicing the English language. So I’ll doing a weekly report in english here.

I’m doing the fearless training from Leo Babauta. My main goal in the training is at the moment building a write routine for my blog mindcoder.de. I’m not happy with my progress. I have many ideas and I created drafts on my blog dashboard, but I haven’t finished a blogpost since 4 weeks. :-/

My biggest obstacle in general is: I want to do to many things and activities at once. I see this especially on my work with my blog. I have many different things to do, like doing technics, research for my articles, connecting with other bloggers, pinterest and so on. I have to set priorities.

Waking up earlier is a daily goal that I rarely accomplish. Today I got up at 5:30 AM. So I’m happy.

The last week I was ill at home and I wrote some words for my blog. I created also my first graphic for social media. It was only a test, but i’m pleased with my draft:

My biggest win this week

more than ten years ago I bought an audio tape deck for to convert my 400 tapes to mp3 files. This week I had time to do this onward. I converted also my Audio CD’s to mp3 files.

My biggest Fail this Week

It was not really a fail of mine, but I couldn’t go to the Gym because I was ill. So I hope, next week I’m well again. I miss the Gym.

Plans till next Wednesday

I want to establish a writing routine for my blog mindcoder.de. I want to start with writing 5 minutes in the morning and if I have time I’ll write in the afternoon. My obstacle with writing in the morning is: I’m startig with my work at 6:00 AM, so I have top get up really early. Usually I write on my desktop PC, but the PC needs much time to boot. I’ve set up my laptop for blogging(creating a Firefox profile for my WordPress dashboard with only one tab at startup.) My Laptop boots in 5 seconds, so I don’t have to wait. 😀

I want also to work on my other personal goals. This year I have the goal to do 184 Workouts. Atm I did 132 Workouts so I have 52 Workouts to do in less than 76 days. I can do this.

I already established some routines, that I want to continue, like an evening routine, decluttering routine(disposing and selling unwanted things to ebay or directly to the trash bin every day)

Eating more healthy is also my goal. I putted unhealthy foods to charity.

Hi, ich bin Jan.

Ich trinke gern Tee, lese Bücher, wandere und beschäftige mich mit dem Zettelkasten.